The overarching aim of FAIRshare is to ensure that farm advisors and their organisations effectively use digital tools and services for supporting a more productive and sustainable agriculture.

What are our objectives?

The nine interrelated specific objectives of FAIRshare are:

Provide an inventory of existing DATs and decision support services across the EU and create a comprehensive online catalogue of at least 200 that can be accessed and used.

Identify from 60-70 effective DATS, the critical success factors in their development and use, as well as the multi-faceted barriers affecting acceptance, usage and sharing of these tools.

Co-design communications and public engagement tools that build trust around ICT, preparing diverse EU agricultural societies for the greater digital age.

Identify the change management and innovation process issues arising from the adoption of new DATS in at least 30 different farm advisory contexts.

Provide a set of at least 30 EU-wide roadmaps with regional/sectoral spread for the improved contribution of digital tools in advisory services and networks leading to the development and widespread use of better digital tools specific to each context.

Expand the use of proven high impact digital technologies among independent advisers within and between regions, member states of EU and internationally.

Identify high impact digital tools or services that could be adapted by advisors in different contexts, providing a menu of professional advisory tools and services in different languages with a common standard.

Create dynamic learning experiences for participants leading to more effective training for advisors, agriculture students and farmers to use digital tools and solutions in their business.

Increase the geographic and sectoral spread of advisory digital tools and services, and good practices that enhance the participation of farmers in different contexts in the digital age.