New Inventory of Training Modules now Available

FAIRshare aims to support farm advisors across Europe to engage with and practically implement Digital Advisory Tools and Services (DATS) with a view to supporting a more sustainable agriculture. It does this in two main ways, the first to share tools that are already available to use across Europe and secondly to support advisors to practically implement digital tools on the ground by providing funding for User Cases (UCs).

In addition to this, FAIRshare aims to address other supports and resources that can help advisors to engage with and implement DATS. One of our most recent project activities focused on developing an inventory of training modules to share what trainings are readily available to support the use of digital tools. To date, 180 trainings modules have been added to the inventory and can be searched based on the format, theme and duration as some examples.

Training frameworks have also been developed as part of this inventory. These frameworks provide a general type and DATS specific training modules that have been adapted to the agricultural advisers’ needs based on their chosen category (communication, calculation and data decision support systems) and their current level of digital skills (basic or advanced).

To learn more you can visit the training inventory and frameworks at