Is COVID-19 a booster for digital revolution in Agriculture?

In a article from Euractiv, edited by Sam Morgan is stated that digital farming is “set to boom in the aftermath of the COVID-19 crisis, given its capacity to help the EU farming sector improve its sustainability and recover from the outbreak’s impact. But there are also considerable concerns raised about the pace of this change and whether farmers are adequately prepared for it.”

Helping farmers to better use data to improve their environmental performance is one of the main strategies from Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and Horizon Europe.

Read Euractiv’s full article, here.

By the exposed, one of the FAIRshare purposes is to contribute for this digital revolution in agriculture. Knowing that now, more than ever, digital tools are strongly important for agricultural advisors to engage with the farmers, several digital tools are available to agricultural advisors and can be viewed on the FAIRshare inventory: