Interview with Pompeu Dias from Portugal – Data Interoperability

FAIRshare aims to empower the independent farm advisor community. For that we’ve identified the challenges faced by advisors across Europe and discussed the application of digital tools operating successfully.

Agricultural advisers play a huge role in getting farmers to use and adopt digital tools and solutions in their businesses. However, it’s not always an easy task.

We went to Lisbon, in Portugal, to interview Pompeu Dias, a strategy consultant at CONSULAI, and invited him to talk about the challenge he faced with Data Interoperability.

Pompeu told us that the analytics he produces are only as valuable as the data that originated them, and that’s the challenge! Finding accurate data to develop accurate solutions.

As we said, it’s not always an easy task, and there are numerous obstacles: the output format, output accessibility, refresh rate of data sets, and its procedures, to name a few. And how can we deal with this, then?

According to Pompeu, it’s all about small steps and having a transparent relationship with farmers.
Transparency, because an accurate strategy is based in accurate data, so we shouldn’t make promises, before getting our hands in the available data.

Small steps, because we first need to collect data with low effort and high return, and then adapt our findings to the farmer’s needs. This is not a linear process, it’s an iterative process with the end user.

Pompeu shared that AGRO BI, a platform, developed by CONSULAI, allows the integrations of various data sources, and assures that they are up to date and correctly analysed, making it a much simpler process. Learn more in FAIRshare’s DATS inventory!