Interview with Peter Apat from Slovenia – Low production costs & keep records

In this Episode of FairShare Talks, we went to Slovenia to talk with Peter Apat, a young and ambitious farmer, who has successfully incorporated the use of a very complex digital tool into his daily work on farm.

Peter works full-time as a dairy farmer, and like all farmers, he seeks solutions to the day-to-day challenges he faces in his work! Farmers nowadays have a very administrative burden, which takes a lot of valuable time. Peter’s main challenges are lowering production costs and making it easier and faster to keep records on the farm.

How can we deal with this then?

Well, Peter makes decisions on his farm with the help of PANTHEON. A Farming digital tool that enables the collection of all data and records from the farm in one place, processes them and gives concrete calculations that help the farmer make quick and farm-specific decisions, allowing for a more accurate planning of all outputs and inputs on the farm.
Peter also pointed out that at the very beginning he had to put a little effort, as the tool had to be adapted to the farm, and he had to learn to work with it. But now he masters the tool!

Peter says that it is very important that the farm operates primarily with its own data and does not look for data on the internet, where there is a lot of unreliable information. The best decisions are the ones you make based on your own data, as each farm has its own story and needs a different tillage or different livestock system to achieve the highest possible profitability.

Since Peter started using DATS he was able to reduce costs, always remember important dates (like anticipated calving), has better control over finances, and a complete overview of all the data, on the basis of which he makes daily decisions on the farm. Peter believes that this kind of precision farming is the future, especially on small farms!

Learn more about PANTHEON on FairShare DATS inventory.