Interactions with other relevant H2020 projects – SuWaNu Europe: the importance of Advisors

SuWaNu Europe is a European project funded under Horizon2020 that focuses its efforts on the use of reclaimed water in agriculture and whose objective is to promote the exchange of knowledge and experiences among professionals and key actors in the field of water reuse. This project was born as the continuation of the SuWaNu project: Sustainable water treatment and nutrient reuse options, which tried to develop technologies to solve problems related to water, such as scarcity or availability of nutrients.

Being a thematic network means that the partners within the consortium will collect existing knowledge and best practices and will try to find together adequate solutions, transforming this knowledge into practical information and make it available to all in a format that is appealing and adequate to the different targets of the project.

One of the target groups is advisors in the field of water reuse. During the project we will promote collaborative initiatives such as Participatory Workshops, Regional Working Groups and other events engaging advisors, among other key actors, to share their vision on the existing barriers to the implementation of existing solutions, and to contribute to the design of future regional strategies conducive to the implementation of the identified solutions.

Advisors will have a crucial role in the dissemination of the knowledge to all potential users of the solutions on the reuse of treated wastewater in agriculture. And these include farmers and irrigators, water reclamation operators, water engineering companies, consumers and general public.

Advisors will also have a key role in SuWaNu Europe project as both contributors and receivers/disseminators of the knowledge in the reuse of treated wastewater in agriculture and this is the reason why they have been involved from the very beginning in SuWaNu Europe.