I4Agri Innovation for Agriculture (I4Agri) DRAFT Cross Visit Programme

On the next 11-13 October of 2022, another cross visit will take place in UK which will be called “I4Agri Innovation for Agriculture (I4Agri) DRAFT Cross Visit Programme“.

We are seeking to enhance our understanding of farmers’ needs and engagement with regards to digital communication (particularly in the livestock and soil/carbon sectors) and looking for opportunities to share solutions to advisor challenges in remote communication and training with clients/farmers. We are also looking to share and learn ‘best practices’ for decision support tools.

Specific aims and objectives

  1. To experience firsthand and discuss the functionality of IfA Live.
  2. To explore the Carbon Decision Support tool and discuss user needs RE the evaluation of the most appropriate carbon calculator for a specific farming context.
  3. Discuss issues of farmer engagement, particularly with regards to digital tools and online meetingspost-COVID
  4. Brainstorm how advisors can encourage better uptake of digital tools with their colleagues, clients and in the wider industry
  5. Get to know each other and have fun networking!

You can see below, the programme for the days between 11 and 13 of October!

Cross Visit program

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