First Face to Face FAIRshare Cross Visit takes Place in Germany

Naturland organised the first face to face cross visit in the European wide FAIRshare project from the 20th to the 22nd of April 2022. Together with the partners from Lithuania (LAAS), Spain (INTIA), Croatia (MOfA) and Austria (LKÖ), Naturland has been working on the tasks and challenges of its user case (UC). In this UC, Naturland is using a digital advisory tool, which offers a specially branded app for farmers and advisors. The workshop part of the cross visit was about sharing the first experiences in using the app with the partners and elaborating on possible improvements and modifications. During the cross visit, there was plenty of opportunity to get to know the participants and to learn from all of them. To find more common ground, all participants started with a presentation of their organisation and agriculture in their home country. This was on the one hand very interesting to learn about their origins, and on the other hand very useful as a good basis for future exchange and collaboration. Each partner faces its own challenges in its advisory organisation and country, which are often common or similar to the other ones. Therefore, the collaboration and exchange during the three days was very valuable. Naturland could also expect useful advice from the participants in addressing their own challenges and those specific to their UC so further development of the UC and their application is possible. The participants were also inspired by the farm visited on the second day, which already includes many digital tools in its daily work and can therefore benefit significantly from them.

In summary, it can be said that the cross visit was a productive meeting for both: the hosts and the participating guests. Each participant was able to learn new things, exchange ideas with international colleagues and benefit from their experiences in discussions and collaboration actions.

Click on the images below to see the best moments: