Farm Demo Conference – May 2019

The Farm Demo Conference was held on the 21st of May 2019 in Brussels.

The event aimed to showcase peer-to-peer learning and focus on farm demonstration as a tool to boost innovation uptake. The event was a result of a close collaboration of three funded Horizon2020 projects: PLAID, AgriDemo F2F and NEFERTITI. PLAID and AgriDemo project focused on the understanding of the role of European commercial demonstration farms and prepare for more connectivity between actors involved on-farm demonstrations. These projects develop a geo-referenced online inventory of demonstration farms and build an online FarmDemo-Hub community. Therefore, FarmDemo Hub offers the chance to join the Farm Demo community, share tools to enhance on-farm demonstration.

NEFERTITI project focuses on the creation of 10 interactive thematic networks covering the three main agricultural sectors: animal production, arable farming and horticultural production. The networks bring together 45 regional hubs of demo-farmers and innovation actors-advisors. Cooperatives, NGOs, industry, education, researchers and policy makers. The output of AgriDemo-F2F and PLAID will be used as input to set up three annual campaigns of on-farm demonstrations.

The conference brought together farmers, advisors, researchers, policy makers, and other actors who had a plenty of opportunities to exchange their experiences and gain new knowledge.

The FAIRshare project was represented at the conference, with a poster presenting the project.

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