FAIRshare’s New Good Practice Gallery

Over the past year, our project partners and advisors across the EU have shared with us their good practices in the use or development of digital tools or DATS, as they are known in the FAIRshare project. A good practice can simply be defined as a key feature of a DATS, for example, a tool may have an easy to use interface or can be used offline. These would both be considered good practices of digital tools.

We asked our project partners and farm advisors ‘What current theme (hot topic) does this good practice address?’ The most common topic was user-friendliness followed by natural resource management, with a strong link to sustainability. Finally, the good practice of including users and their diverse needs in the design and implementation of DATS featured strongly. And so these three themes are the key features of our first set of good practice vignettes.

FAIRshare good practice vignettes are short animated videos, which focus on a challenge faced by farmers and their advisors, and describe how the DATS good practice can help address this challenge. Short animated videos were co-created using story-boarding which is a multi-actor method which combines diverse knowledge into a story. We will publish more good practice vignettes throughout the project, focusing on themes that are important for advisors and farmers. Visit our good practice gallery here to see our current good practice vignettes!