FAIRshare workshop at IALB EUFRAS SEASN Conference, Lugo, Spain on 22nd of June 2022

The University of Santiago De Compostella, based in Lugo, Galicia hosted the first face-to-face advisory conference since 2019.

The conference attracted advisors, and advisory organisations from across Europe and comprised plenaries, workshops and agricultural excursions in three languages; English, Spanish and German.

FAIRshare hosted a workshop on the 22nd of June, briefly presenting the FAIRshare project, introducing our online inventory of DATS and showcasing a good practice vignette animated video. Workshop participants shared DATS they use and good practices linked to each DATS. We also discussed future trends in the use and development of DATS. The results of the workshop were presented by Patricia Fry (HAFL) during the plenary session on the 24th of June.