FAIRshare was presented for Serbian farm advisors and community

On February 25th the Institute for the Application of Science in Agriculture, under the authorization of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of the Republic of Serbia in cooperation with the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Belgrade, organised a training module for agricultural advisors called ’’Digitization in Agriculture for Agricultural Advisers and Farmers’’.

The event took place at the Faculty of Agriculture in Belgrade and was attended by 300 advisers of the Agricultural Advisory and Expert Service from all over Serbia.

This training module focused on digitization and precision agriculture (a priority, according to the Serbian Government) and ultimately aimed to improve the level of knowledge of agricultural advisers in the field of new technologies and to transfer knowledge to producers.

Dr Sladjan Stankovic presented the FAIRshare Project, its goals, objectives and consortium partners.

See below some photos from this day.