FAIRshare Cross Visit – User Case: Overcoming the challenge for advisors of sharing and keeping knowledge and expertise using DATS

cross visit was conducted in person, face to face, from the 14th to 16nd of September 2022. It took place in Pamplona. The workplace for the meetings was at INTIA firm and the accommodation was in Pamplona.

The cross visit was planned at this stage of the UC because it has tested two tools, Moodle in 2021 and Microsoft TEAMS in 2022, so there were already some results before the CV. In order to tackle this challenge, it was expected to find support from CV participants. It was considered that all the partners had similar user cases and besides, they could contribute with their great experience.

The first day, began in the afternoon, this day was dedicated to getting to know each other focusing on the presentation of agricultural structures among the participants.

The second day was divided in two parts, the first one in the morning took place at INTIA offices and it was dedicated to explaining our UC and the first workshop. In this workshop, participants gave proposals for some detected challenges. In the afternoon of the second day, there was a visit to the Roncesvalles experimental farm of INTIA. With this visit, participants knew the way in which INTIA applies experimentation. At the end of the visit, they could give final feedback in the way of Pearls, Puzzles and Proposals. During this day a video was recorded with the most relevant details of the cross visit which will be used for dissemination activities. Watch the video here!

The third day started with the presentation of the DATS selected in INTIA UC and was continued with another workshop. In this workshop, suggestions were gathered about the two selected tools. The methodology of Pearls, Puzzles and Proposals was used, and the discussion was highly useful.


Welcome to the Cross visit with our CEO Natalia Bellostas
INTIA Participants in the Cross Visit