FAIRshare Cross Visit | 19 to 21 October 2022, Slovenia

In Slovenia, in the second half of October, FAIRshare hosted agricultural consultants from Spain, Latvia, Germany and Croatia.

The event took place between October 19 and 21, 2022 in the premises of CAFS and on the second day with a field tour of 3 different farms in the wider area of Maribor (Štajerska region), the tourist farm Kovačnik, Planica nad Framom, the estate of KGZ Krajnc (Žipo Lenart) were visited and that’s how ended the field trip at the Doppler vineyard farm in Kozjak nad Pesnica.

The agricultural advisors from the regional agricultural and forestry institutes also participated in field visits. They were field agricultural advisors, specialists or head of agricultural advisory departments and they also explained their advisory work at the farms. The third day was devoted to workshops, where were faced further challenges of developing the applications.

During this visit, CAFS, gained a lot of new ideas, suggestions, orientations and shared experiences from foreign colleagues. Was agreed to further cooperation and help in the development of digital tools in agricultural consulting. And with this extraordinary willingness and openness to share our knowledge, was gained a great deal for work in the future.

And see below some photos of the Cross Visit: