Exploring the Future of FAIRshare: Highlights from MAPA’s Workshop

On the 20th of September, our partners at MAPA hosted an insightful workshop, titled “The Last Days of FAIRshare.” This event brought together over 160 enthusiastic participants. The workshop aimed to delve into several key topics that are shaping the future of agriculture, including Digital Advisory Tools and Services (DATS), online platforms within the Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation System (AKIS), knowledge transfer through EPI-Agri operational groups, and the role of Digital Innovation Hubs in facilitating the digital transition.

 A significant portion of the workshop was dedicated to Digital Advisory Tools and Services (DATS). These tools are revolutionizing the way farmers receive advice and make decisions. Participants explored how DATS are enhancing decision-making processes on farms and facilitating access to expert knowledge. However, concerns were raised about the durability of DATS and the need for possible data quality certification standards to ensure their reliability.

 Another focal point of the workshop was the discussion surrounding AKIS online platforms. These platforms have emerged as valuable training tools, offering farmers and advisors access to a wealth of information and resources. Participants learned about the role of AKIS platforms in disseminating knowledge and best practices to support sustainable agriculture.

 The workshop highlighted the significance of knowledge transfer within the framework of EPI-Agri operational groups. These groups play a crucial role in facilitating collaboration and knowledge-sharing among stakeholders in the agricultural sector. Participants recognized the value of these groups in fostering innovation and driving agricultural progress.

 Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) were also a key topic of discussion. These hubs serve as centers for training and innovation, guiding farmers and advisors through the digital transition. Participants explored how DIHs are equipping individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in an increasingly digital agricultural landscape.

 The workshop concluded with a presentation on the latest initiative from MAPA—the establishment of an Innovation Hub for Agriculture and Livestock (IHL) in the south of Madrid. This IHL promises to be a hub of innovation and excellence, further supporting the digital transformation of agriculture.

Watch below some photos of the workshop: