Experimental Poultry Center Hosted a Cross Visit

Between 20 and 22 of June the Experimental Poultry Center hosted a Cross Visit to demonstrate the Usercase in the H2020_FAIRshare project.

At the beginning of the first day of the cross visit, the guests were welcomed at EPC with a sandwich and drinks. All participants introduced themselves, and a short introduction to the EPC and the Flemish poultry sector was given. Later that evening, an escape room was scheduled as ice-breaker event, followed by a dinner buffet at EPC.

The second day started with a welcome at EPC with coffee and cake. We started the day with a tour at the EPC facilities, where we visited the broiler houses and layer hen houses. After all participants were introduced to the poultry farm, the User Case and its challenges were presented. In a lively discussion we handled different topics to improve the DATS in the UserCase.

After the lunch break, INAGRO presented their User Case, followed by a workshop on a how to bring the data together from different sources and users. In the evening, we made a stroll in Geel city center, followed by a dinner in a local restaurant.

On the third day, ZLTO presented their User Case, followed by a workshop where we tried to identify interested stakeholders and their relation to data ownership. To conclude the cross visit, we have visited an experimental dairy farm where they showed us how they performed research on growing crops and dairy cows. In both research topics, data flow was very important.

Farm visit at the experimental dairy farm of Hooibeekhoeve