Deliverable D8.8: Multi-actor approach training events

FAIRshare employs a multi-actor approach (MAA) which encourages sharing of Digital Tools and Services (DATS), experience, expertise and motivation to overcome the barriers that limit farm advisors in their role in digital advisory. This document sets out the processes for FAIRshare partners to apply the MAA and depicts training events carried out in M1 (Kick-off-Meeting), M8 (first face-to-face Management Committee Meeting), and M13 (first Annual Meeting) of the project. The approach seeks to strengthen the capacity of the partners, the stakeholders and end users to meet the objectives of the project. 

The project has mainstreamed the MMA throughout all Work Packages (WPs) to proactively support project activities as well as how multi-actor events and workshops are facilitated. This ensures that the multi-actor membership of the consortium and the events with external actors taking place in workshops, focus groups, and 40 living lab user cases will be as effective, beneficial, and impactful as possible. The overall objective of D8.8 is to support MAA activities conducted throughout FAIRshare: 

Teagasc will provide MAA training events to support the multi-actor networks involved in the project. MAA good practice training workshops will be facilitated for participants-based state-of-the- art MAA criteria. This training will include a participatory training workshop and will be offered to partners coinciding with the Kick-off Meeting and again at the first general partners meeting, M12*. Throughout the project UC leaders and participants will be offered a similar training event to coincide with their initial workshops/meetings. This will embed a strong commitment to the project and its objectives.  

This document is divided into two sections and reports the content of D8.8 carried out in M1, M8, and M13:  

  • Section 1: The process of participation (including the MAA and the MAA toolbox); 
  • Section 2: The MAA training events conducted up to, and including, the first annual meeting. 

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