D7.2 Social media engagement strategy and actions commenced

With its multi-actors approach the project must think about how it’ll use social media to inform different actors, how it’ll chose the right network and the right information. Because farmers use social media differently than advisors or industry actors. So, it’s important to develop a strategy that’ll reach every actor on social media.

The FAIRshare Social Media platforms aim to create awareness for the project and its scope, engage and encourage people to visit our website, encourage the subscription of our newsletters, encourage visitors to contribute to our DATS inventory/Permanent Networking Facility (PNF), boost the participation in FAIRshare events, share FAIRshare’s results and outputs.
As the success of the FAIRshare project relies on effective dissemination of the projects’ activities, results, and outcomes as well as on-going communication and engagement with different actors in society throughout the duration of the project, the social media strategy should tailor each network to the different target audiences, define a hacking strategy by determining the KPIs, tailor key messages to each platform, reach a big audience and achieve a large community, boost the engagement with the community, ensure a suitable communication in each platform according to target audiences.