D7.1 Communication, dissemination and data management plan

The purpose of present communication, dissemination, and data management plan is to define a consistent approach to engage with the key target audience. Aims to maximise the awareness on the project concept, objectives and outcomes, to organise all the communication and dissemination activities within the project, as well as, to provide the guidelines for the communication and dissemination to be followed by all the consortium partners.

This document will describe with detail, the communication and dissemination strategy objectives, identify the key target groups, define the key messages, and present the different communication and dissemination channels and tools developed by the project.

Also, it will include the key performance indicators (KPI’s) to monitor and evaluate the communication and dissemination plan.

Given the digitised nature of the project, special attention will be paid on the use of some of the modern ICT tools such as social media platforms, website, multimedia materials, newsletters, to support communication and engagement. However, to ensure the project results and outcomes maximum dissemination, it will also be used physical tools such as publications, articles and leaflets, conferences, seminars, exhibitions, and workshops.

This document is dynamic, once that it may be adjusted. The planning activities will be shaped and adapted in response to feedback from multi-actor activities and engagements with external actors to the project.