D4.1 Framework for DAT pilots and User Cases

Given that FAIRshare is working with numerous multi-actor groups with very different backgrounds Deliverable 4.1. aimed at determining and defining relevant concepts so that partners talk the same language throughout the project. The Deliverable comprises of two parts. The first part concerns Living Laboratories/ Living Labs (LL). LL is a development in line with the move from linear, top-down to interactive innovation and ‘design thinking’ according to which innovation is designed “by users” – users become the innovators. There are multiple definitions for LLs but proponents, more or less, agree that their characteristics include openness, innovation (experimentation and learning), co-creation (participation and user involvement) and real-life setting so as to develop products or services most valuable in certain social and cultural environments. In the document the key-components and the processes of developing and evaluating Living Labs are also detailed. Examples of LLs with focus on ICTs are also provided to facilitate comprehension of abstract concepts and approaches.

The second part deals with change management, i.e. the “area of study that aims to facilitate the transition of individuals, teams or the whole organization by managing them.” Three main theories are detailed in the document. First, Lewin’s theory of change comprising three stages: Unfreeze, Change/moving, Re-freeze is presented. Then Kotter’s model of organizational change, consisting of eight steps (accelerators) to be used to implement the process of change successfully is extensively discussed. Last but not least, an individual-target change framework, Hiatt’s Change Management Model – ADKAR is discussed. An attempt to ‘amalgamate’ the three change management models is also presented. The abovementioned theories are discussed step-by-step and their use in practice is illustrated. Furthermore, examples referring to organizational change management vis-à-vis digitization are included in the Deliverable.


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