D1.1 Report on methodology and standards

FAIRshare’s ultimate objective is to enable and help advisors to bridge the digital divide that exists amongst them in different domains, levels of digitization, adaptation and different geographical regions. In order to achieve this goal, WP1’s responsibility is to facilitate and enable the sharing of tools, knowledge and experience that already exists within the farm advisory community.

A digital platform (Permanent Networking Facility) to be used by the farming community, and specifically advisors, was developed in WP1 with the standpoint to create a portal/inventory for the acquisition, exchange and dissemination of DATS.

In the beginning of the project, since its launch, all WP1 partners have been communicating and discussing the following issues:

  • the scope and variety of DATS
  • the definition of providers of the DATS and potential users of the platform
  • the definition of the users’ needs and benefits from the platform
  • the amount and type of information required and how to acquire it
  • the communication and dissemination strategies for engaging as many users as possible from the beginning

Some of these guidelines and disciplines, inspired by the database design methodology, are used in the project’s adapted methodology, which are outlined below:

  • Phase 1: Initial identification of DATS
  • Phase 2: Initial identification of providers and users
  • Phase 3: Data acquisition and aggregation
  • Phase 4: Design of DATS page with the most important information
  • Phase 5: Strategies to involve advisory services & other DATS providers

The major outcomes from this document together with the above guidelines are

A. The creation of questionnaire and the online form to be filled in in order to be able to upload a DATS, separated in 3 major categories:

  • Description of the DATS
  • Challenges addressed
  • Benefits/Impacts

B. Mock up screens presenting the major views of the PNF, the detailed view of how a DATS is described in a card-layout

C. Description of the most important functionalities and features to be included

D. An initial plan for the population of the database by the target users.

Read the full deliverable here.