Augmented Farming – A new practice

Although augmented reality has been largely evident in gaming and entertainment, this immersive technology has shown how can innovate industries, as well.

By the exposed, augmented Farming is considered a new practice that incorporates the immersive technology of augmented reality to optimize the farming process. The farming process entails precise measures, schedulings and a scientific approach to yield. Augmented reality represents a great support for the process.

For instance, if a farmer wants to check the field for any infestation, instead of checking every square inch of his land manually, could use augmented reality system to track the entire field in one dashboard and detect the presence of infestations.

Aside from the stored data regarding the fields, augmented reality can also make land examination more efficient. By looking into soil properties, farmers can determine which crops would flourish in a particular land.

A very good exemple is the farmAR app (Link:, developed by Beril Sirmacek, a computer science engineer. This app is a cloud-based platform that collects satellite data on farmers’ lands, and then, artificial intelligence and deep learning help with processing and understanding land locations that may need urgent attention.

Augmented reality will also have a key role on training as this technology enables trainees to enlighten with the farm machinery without having to operate it, and therefore, farmers can train their staff without having costs with handling actual equipment and machinery. Väderstad (link: is one of this apps examples. This augmented reality app allows users to use a smartphone or tablet camera to get a glimpse of the inner workings of their farming equipment.

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