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FAIRshare gathers an evidence base of the digital tools and services used internationally

This era of electronic data generation, analytics and communication technologies potentially enables more accurate, faster and better decision-making on farms, which has huge potential to improve agricultural sustainability. There is a major focus on digitisation by EU and national/regional policy-makers to ensure that digital innovation in the agriculture sector keeps pace with other sectors and that the benefits of digitisation are available to and impact the wider farming community. However, there is a danger that digitisation and future innovations in digitisation will be hampered and/or increase divergences between regions and farms unless the rural advisory community is mobilised to take ownership of digital tools and to advocate and animate at the user interface. This CSA will engage, enable and empower the independent farm advisor community, creating a vibrant movement for farm advisory digital tools through sharing of tools, expertise and motivations. FAIRshare has two main components:

Firstly, WPs 1, 2 and 3 will gather an evidence base of the digital tools and services used internationally, leveraging the vast networks of partner institutions that span the EU and non-EU countries. The inventory of tools will be accessible on an intuitively navigable online interface that has been co-designed with end users. Accompanying the tools in the online inventory will be information, for instance short ‘good practice’ vignettes, on how the tools may be used/adapted for use.

Secondly, WPs 4, 5 and 6 will generate and resource a ‘living laboratory’, empowering advisor peers from across the EU to interact with the online inventory and, in a series of workshops, to exchange, co-adapt, co-design and apply digital tools.


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FAIRshare living lab

It will enable advisors to address challenges for embedding digital tools in different advisory and farming contexts across the EU. Rather than focusing only on the technical aspects of the use of digital tools, special attention will be paid to co- designing powerful communication and engagement approaches for advisors to advocate, animate and inspire their wider communities of peers and farmer clients. This will generate a vibrant movement driving the wider and better use of digital tools and increased innovation in digitisation.